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Company Spel Ltd.

Company Spel Ltd. was organized as a logistic group for supplies of the electronic components and equipment for  Russian enterprises working on the radio-electronic field.

The logistic scheme developed by ourselves allows us to offer our customers minimum delivery time for the original products made by the leading world manufacturers of the radio electronics from American and European stocks of the electronic parts.We supply only original products. The electronic components,parts and equipment, delivered by us,  are used in the spheres of the production of the goods with industrial and special application. For our clients we offer supplies of the industrial production lots of the electronic components directly from the manufacturers and express deliveries of the small batches, unique products of not well-known manufacturers and also complicated and rare products.

The quality management system has been introduced in the company, as applied to the wholesale trade of the electronic components and equipment for the radio electronic enterprises (ISO 9001:2015).